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Faces of Skinnydip: Retail Coordinator

Wanna get to know some of the fabulous faces working behind the scenes at Skinnydip HQ? We caught up with some of the team at our pretty pink head offices in Primrose Hill to talk career highlights, Beyonce & their latest Skinnydip obsessions. Meet Luiz, Retail Coordinator and sunseeker whose #ootd posts are guaranteed to give you accessory envy...

What’s your fave part of your role at Skinnydip?

Opening new stores! It is always a ton of work but seeing the store up and running in the end is really rewarding.

What’s a typical day like at work?

There is no typical day in my role. Overseeing all stores is different every day, there are different things going on and I have to be very adaptive to make sure everything is running smoothly.

How did you get into retail operations?

I joined the Skinnydip team over two years ago to open our first store in Carnaby, from there we kept opening more stores and my job role kept evolving with them.

What’s your favourite accessory when finishing off a look?

Bags! I will always finish an outfit and then look at all my bags to see which ones fits best.

You’re on a desert island and you can only take 3 items, what do you take?

My phone, speakers and tanning oil, obviously

Describe yourself in Emojis

🌚  🦄  ♐️

What are your current Skinnydip obsessions?

The jewelry range! I love playing around with layering the necklaces!

⚡ Lightning Round⚡

Pizza or Salad?

Netflix or YouTube?
Netflix! (The Minions movie is in there 👀)

Sun or Snow

Fave snapchat filter of all time?
The flower crown with highlighter for days!

Complete the sentence, Beyonce is...



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