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How to spend Valentines single

Single at Valentines? Don't sweat it, just think about all the money you would have spent on someone else, now you can spend it on yourself! Here's a 5 step guide to spending the day solo.

Treat yourself

Take advantage of all that extra $$$ and get yourself some cute stuff. 

Go out with your single friends


Ok, so you don't want to go at it solo, we get it. Time to hit up all the singletons in your WhatsApp group. Go to a club and avoid all those cutesy couple dates. 

Pamper yourself

Go pamper the sh*t out of yourself. Scrub away the day in the shower and then smother yourself in your fave body cream whilst you sing your face Ed Sheeran song, then put on your best pair of PJ's. Can you think of anything better?

Have a movie marathon 

Who needs a man in real life when you can spend all evening watching Leo 😍. Order a Deliveroo, get the blankets and turn the tv up. Pure bliss.


If Valentines literally makes you want to throw up in your own mouth it's time you throw an anti-valentines soiree. No hearts, no roses and definitely no chocolates shaped like kisses allowed! 

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